Solo Exhibition 

Metrònom, Barcelona

From 7/11 to 5/12/1996


At the entrance we are confronted by our own image reflected in a mirror, while along the sides two small passages illuminated with blue light take us to other parts of the gallery. A video projection of the video “Canicas” is situated at a far, dark end of the gallery, transporting us along a slippery path such as Alice’s when she falls through the hole. Turning our heads, we notice we are behind the mirror looking at the gallery and the people moving through its space. On the other side, in the stairwell, a Vespa transports us far away, to an interior universe.

This itinerary causes us to rediscover the helpless distance between reality and representation. We are situated in the ambivalent space of our daily movements, preserving the magic of transit. We are made aware of trajectories and happenings, of a cartography of disappearing things; that which disappears behind us at every step.