GlogauAIR today is a non-profit art space and residency, located in a beautiful, modernist-style building that was originally designed to be a school. The building was one of the first projects erected by architect Ludwig Hoffmann in 1896, during his time as the Building Advisor of Berlin.

Focused on the principles of exploring, creating, and exhibiting, the residency offers an on-site and on-line program for international artists of all fields. 

Artists in GlogauAIR’s on-site Residency Program live and work in one of thirteen studios. They receive curatorial and technical support, as well as a diverse program that aims to help them in their professional careers; encouraging not only the development of the artist’s work but also the opportunity to share ideas and opinions with the other artists living in the building. 

Through the on-line Program, the artist has the opportunity to receive curatorial support, regular group meetings, talks by experts, and workshops, from their homes or personal studios located anywhere in the world. This on-line program was set up as a result of the challenges faced in 2020. Far from letting this stop us, we expanded our program to make it available for artists who can’t join us physically in Berlin. 

Above all, GlogauAIR continues the project created by Alvargonzalez, built on openness, receptivity to new ideas, and support of local and international contemporary art practices.