Almatinos, estructuras del alma

Solo Exhibition

Sala Metronom, Barcelona (Spain)

From 27/01/2004 to 06/03/2004

Event Invitation

In our search for new material, after visiting different research and development departments, we found that there is a common area; without daring to make an official statement, everyone agrees on their appreciation of the existence of the material of the soul.

With this project, the aim is to present this material officially, with the contributions of different institutions that nave been visited during the research period, in combination with my personal work and research as an artist who works essentially with this material (poetry, the soul etc.).

In this exhibition, I am trying to combine scientific and artistic languages in order to speak about the point that both areas have in common. Consequently all the contributions that can be made from a scientific point of view to demonstrate the existence of such material will improve the expression of this material and its presentation to the public.

Chema Alvargonzalez, 2004