Solo Exhibition

Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Granada (Spain)

From 27/11/1997 to 11/01/1997

Text by Kitty Scott

Significant buildings rarely travel, but people do. Tourism it plays itself out at La Alhambra in Granada is the subject of Chema Alvargonzalez recent project. Tourism more specifically in relation to history, entertainment, the appropriation of cultures, Christian and Arabic, and industry, are the more complex issues addressed by this work. La Alhambra, a must on for any tourist in Spain, offers Alvargonzález an iconic piece of architecture which he reproduces in photographs and texts. The texts referring to the destination, mapping it, are granted as much as importance as the photograph. By re-presenting La Alhambra as a photograph in the gallery, the artist not only conjures up the actual city of Granada, but also points to the physical distance between places, between Berlin and Granada, and what precisely it is that makes each place distinct as well as the gap between reality, representation, and the subconscious.

Fragment of the text by Kitty Scott.