Solo Exhibition

Escola Massana, Barcelona (Spain)

From 18/10/2019 to 15/12/2019

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La Memoria alongside Escola Massana have organised a number of activities to mark the 10th anniversary of Chema Alvargonzalez’s departure. These celebrations will be made to commemorate his absence yet celebrate that his legacy is still alive. There will be a number of events held around Chema’s installation TRANSFORMACIÓ that will be installed at the façade of the art and design centre.


Chema's corporeal word sculpture TRANSFORMACIÓ sets out to promote a dialogue between three pillars "Light", "Language" and the "architectural surrounding" it, it represents a metaphor adapting new meanings depending on the perspective of the viewer; "Light" works as a source of energy and knowledge that enlightens its surroundings, highlighting the very same "transformation" that occurs with the buildings or places where it is installed. In this instance, the artwork is placed in the balcony of the newly erected Art and Design Centre reflecting on the transformation of its immediate surrounings as well as the evolution of Escola Massana into the art and design centre like it is today. The roundtable will bring together various people that lived and worked with him to discuss about TRANSFORMACIÓ, about Chema, and about his works and the specific context created this time by showing the artwork at this specific location.

Other activities include the ignition ceremony of his corporeal word sculpture TRANSFORMACIÓ on the they of his anniversary, a workshop to promote the dialogue between Chema, as a former pupil, and the younger generations of pupils and the opening of a media kiosk in the Escola Massana library with information on Chema Alvargonzalez's bibliography and digital works.


La luz en la palabra transforma | Full Conference