Group Exhibition / Site-Specific 

Cala Sant Vicenç, Mallorca (Spain)

From 13/08/2004 to 31/08/2004

Curated by Marta Moriarty

Event Invitation

The Annual Nit Niu Artistic meeting, which has been held since 1999 in Cala San Vicenç de Pollença, deals with the castaway myth in 2004 edition. Eleven artists from different nationalities  show in this site their particular vision of this subject, so present in western culture. Alvargonzález presented both words (invisible and visible) separated. He added the following text as an explanation of the installation.

After the castaway woked up surprised at the beach, the unrecognizable sound flooded the gaze of a dazzling light, turning the face began to recognize the sand, and assaulted in the form of fragments memories of the sinking of the ship. As a result of an unpredictable magic game he was there outside the image of everything VISIBLE, thrown on a beach, alone and subjected to abandonment as any object after a disaster. He had been transported, through a circumstance which he could not entirely remember, to a state of invisibility. It was separated from the VISIBLE, by a very fine line, the horizon, and on this side of the INVISIBLE where he was all marked by the rhythm that moved his blood, sensing the throbbing of a VISIBLE image that approached him breaking his darkness.

Artists: Chema Alvargonzález, Tamara Arroyo, Carmen Cámara, Lisa Cheung, Manolo Dimas, Clara Montoya, Bernardí Roig, Mark Titchner, Frank & Olivier Turpin, José Luís Vicario