Crosslinks + Passages in between

Solo Exhibition 

Play Gallery, Berlin (Germany)

From 27/10/2003 to 18/11/2003

Event Invitation

In this exhibition Chema Alvargonzalez is presenting an ensemble of a light-pavilion and two video projections in the gallery. The light-pavilion is an open, self illuminated space. Inside, the travel descriptions of five people can be heard on headphones.

These people are presented in one of the two videos. They were recorded while they were mentally re-experiencing these inner journeys. The viewer can follow the inner reflections and their emotional effects in their facial expressions. The verbal description via headphones and the video projection are shown simultaneously.

The second video projection was shot at night. In a constant search for light the camera, supposedly adjusting itself, travels through a large, illuminated harbour area.

With these two different video projections the artist consciously stages a classic Differenzverhältnis (differentiating relationship). Through this contraposition he deconstructs the personal travel experiences of the interviewed people with the classic harbour motive as the final destination of a long journey. In this specific opposition the harbour gains the additional meaning of a place of the personal search for light and thus the search for the presence of the individual person. The pavilion leads the viewer into this contraposition, focusing him on the difference between the inner and external travel description set against the harbour as a motive of yearning. The light becomes the elementary link between the different elements of the ensemble.