Solo Exhibition 

Galería Oliva Arauna, Madrid (Spain)

From 04/04/1995 to 04/07/1995 

Event Invitation

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Nothing is ever where it seemed to be.

This project describes mobile points of reference. The auditory component and the central point of the photographs play with our understanding of what exactly our reality is. The uncertainty of our position within this space oscillates between the real and the imagined. This perspective is even greater if we consider the reflections of the spectator in the work.

Decode your time consists of four elements. Scattered around the Gallery are six piles of books compressed by two gags. Each of these piles of books is crossed by a glass sheet with engraved texts. These refer to the passage between real time and written time.

In a corner of space there is a sink. The water flows by emitting a continuous sound. A large black and white photograph resting on the sink showing an urban landscape seen from the perspective of a balcony. The focal point of the photograph rests on the street. A red neon demarcates the space of the wall as if it were a wound. The corner is bisected by a long, open glass sheet (2x3m.) that enables the spectator to enter and visit the angular space.

This situation is reflected in the opposite corner. A large glass surface (2x3m.) rests in the corner creating a kind of showcase. In the corner, in front of the spectator, there is a chair connected to two loudspeakers. On the left, a picture resting on the ground. It's similar to the other but the difference is that now the focal point is on the balcony gate. On the other side of the picture, three red neons splash the wall. The sound of the water can be heard from the other side of the room.

A white neon runs along the board of one of the walls. It reflects on the glass and suggests a mock representation of the uncertainty of the architectural space.

It was long since immersed in the reading of several books and jumping through the different paths that were established between them, had created in me an imperceptible screen in sight in position of narrator of the images that marked the pulse of the days.

Among the words that escaped from my readings, it was forming an idea that allowed infinite variations on this reality in which it was involved, being the chance the key that deciphered the TIME.

Chema Alvargonzalez