Solo Exhibition

Paitings and Installations

Centre d'Art Alexandre Cirici, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)

From 12/07/1990 to 29/07/1990

The exhibition consists of ten different images that are integrated in the space of the exhibition hall of the Centre d’Art Alexandre Cirici. Each of the images is the result of the combination of different narrative levels from the formal point of view, making use of photography, painting, lighting, objects, which, combined spatially create an image in itself.

In the general concept of the images it is fled from the central idea of composition, trying that each one of the different elements has value in itself and in the relation with the others. In the framework of this exhibition will be presented a collection of photographs taken in the installation made by the artist in East Berlin during the month of May 1990. This facility was destroyed by the extreme right-wing movements that begin to resurface in the GDR.