Solo Exhibition 

Galeria Oliva Arauna, Madrid (Spain)

From 26/10/2006 to 25/11/2006

Event Invitation

Event in the Gallery

In “Què bola..” Alvargonzález presents us with light boxes and sculptures with which he addresses the issue of violence. Since the fall of the Twin Towers, Chema has been keeping newspaper clippings that are those that are photographed and retouched in the boxes of light, only allowing to recognize a word that refers to violence. Through these works we are immersed in the game that is established between rejection and comprehension, as it happens to us before the constant and daily bombardment of violence of the media. Continuing with the game of dualities, in the videos that Chema Alvargonzalez shows this time in the Galeria Oliva Arauna. Here we find elements of the city that put us in front of a situation limit of "abismamiento", without knowing where to throw.