Galeria Carles Taché. Consell de Cent 331, Barcelona (Spain)

From 20/12/1994 to 20/01/1995

Musical backdrop by Javier Hernando

Event Invitation

Tiempo de paso

Passing sound, passing time.
In the course of time moved by our consciousness to another reality that looks within us.
Between the open window the eyes look inside us. Between the open suitcase the time escapes between us.
A long journey that is glimpsed by the gaps in the window in the blue glare of the great lie of the elusive time.
The suitcase had been touring the great metropolises: New York, London, Berlin, Paris... and in all of them had found the same flow that faded in the transformation of the minutes, of the seconds that accumulated were lost in the horizon of the Monotony.
Crossing the threshold that separates the transient from his everyday reality to the dream that envelops with the gaze within an unreal space but present visually as a proposal in the games of the everyday in our metropolis of the day to day.

Chema Alvargonzalez, 1994