Temps de pas

Site-Specific Galeria Carles Taché. Consell de Cent 331, Barcelona (Spain) From 20/12/1994 to 20/01/1995 Musical backdrop by Javier Hernando Event Invitation Tiempo de paso Passing sound, passing time. In the course of time moved by our consciousness to another reality that looks within us. Between the open window the eyes look inside us. Between the … Read More

Anys 90 Distància Zero

Site-specific, Group Exhibition Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona (Spain) From 22/06/1994 to 31/08/1994 Curated by José Luis Brea Transformació, 1994 Methacrylate, iron and Neon 250 x 27 x 20 cm Collective exhibition with 45 young emerging Spanish artists. The show analysed the state of the domestic artistic creation scene in 1994 from an international perspective. The catalogue featured … Read More

39th Salon Montrouge

Group Exhibition Centre Culturel et Artistique de Montrouge, Paris (France) From 27/04/1994 to 29/05/1994 Curated by Nicole Ginoux Event Invitation Artists: Francesc Abad, Sergi Aguilar, Chema Alvargonzalez, Frederic Amat, Tonet Amoros, Miquel Barceló, Ramon Guillem Balmes, Jordi Benito, Joan Bennassar, José Manuel Broto Gimeno, Nuria Canal, Jordi Cano, Toni Catany, Jordi Colomer, Pep Duran, Joan Foncuberta,  Ferran … Read More

Blue di Capri

Site Specific Malaparte House, Capri (Italy) 1994 Event organised by Galleria Pari & Dispari The piece develops in an interference line the between the arquitecture which is present and sequencial time in which it is involved. The house posseses an important significance as the limit architecture: it is on this limit that the work develops. … Read More

Le Shuttle

“Reading time” Group Exhibition Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (Germany) 1994 “Zeit Lesen” (“reading time”) is an installation that contrasts two elements. One is a vitrine of photographs and sound bathed in a sea of blue light. The other element, ascending a stairway, is a cascade of books employing the decorative principle of “being in the light” … Read More