Casas de luz

Solo Exhibition  Caja San Fernando Obra Social, Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) From 21/10/2005 to 04/12/2005 Event Invitation Catalogue

Sobre la Navegación

Solo Exhibition Galería Fernando Silió, Santander (Spain) From 06/08/2005 to 03/09/2005 Event invitation Link to the event in the gallery


Solo Exhibition Sala Metronom, Barcelona (Spain) From 27/01/2004 to 06/03/2004 Event Invitation In our search for new material, after visiting different research and development departments, we found that there is a common area; without daring to make an official statement, everyone agrees on their appreciation of the existence of the material of the soul. With … Read More


Solo Exhibition  Play Gallery, Berlin (Germany) From 27/10/2003 to 18/11/2003 Event Invitation In this exhibition Chema Alvargonzalez is presenting an ensemble of a light-pavilion and two video projections in the gallery. The light-pavilion is an open, self illuminated space. Inside, the travel descriptions of five people can be heard on headphones. These people are presented in one … Read More

Palabras en Blanco

Solo Exhibition  Galería Fernando Silió, Santander (Spain) From 05/07/2003 to 31/07/2003 Event Invitation Link to the event in the gallery

Palabras Corpóreas

PALABRAS CORPÓREAS (instalación y fotografías), Solo Exhibition, Chema Alvargonzález, Curated by Helena Juncosa, CAC Málaga

Quadern de Bitàcola

Solo Exhibition  Tinglado 2, Tarragona (Spain) From 30/05/2003 to 31/07/2003 Curated by Chantal Grande Event Invitation Catalogue At the beginning of 2003 we began to keep a logbook. In it appear the outlines which determine the pattern of ideas now stored in Tinglado (warehouse) no. 2 in the Port of Tarragona. The real, permanent image of maritime traffic … Read More

Imágenes de Luz

Solo Exhibition Galeria Vanguardia, Bilbao (Spain) From 16/11/2002 to 22/12/2002 Information in the Gallery website

La herida de la ausencia en la memoria

Solo Exhibition Galería Carles Taché, Barcelona (Spain) From 18/09/2002 to 12/10/2002 Event organised by Associació Art Barcelona Eleven Galleries of the nineteen that comprise the Association Art Barcelona wanted to remember, with the joint initiative We Love New York, the attacks of the 11-S in the Twin Towers of New York; a tribute to the skyscrapers … Read More