Reflejos de ciudad

Alexander Platz, 2000 Un sueño de ciudad (Milán) I, 2001 Un sueño de ciudad (Berlín) II, 2001 Puzzle VII, 1999 Solo Exhibition  Gallery Artinprogress GmbH, Berlin (Germany) From 02/10/2001 to 01/12/2001 Event invitation The city is presented in this work as an invented stage set, altered in scale and capable of evoking reality but also … Read More

Reflejos de Ciudad

Solo Exhibition Galería Maior, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) From 25/02/2001  Event invitation    


Solo Exhibition  Galería Oliva Arauna, Madrid (Spain) From 26/01/2001 to 28/02/2001 Event in the Gallery In the exhibition, which shows the latest work of Chema Alvargonzalez, a space is created in which the images are combined through reflections, transparencies and projected images. These elements are unified in space by a common sound element. The pieces … Read More

Un sueño de ciudad

Solo Exhibition Galeria Cànem, Castellón (Spain) From 20/12/2000 to 31/01/2001 Event Invitation “Un sueño de ciudad” invites the spectator to travel simultaneously through the uncertain oneiric landscape of a sleeping city as well as through the palpable dreams of a future that motivates the awakened city. The artist creates, by means of the juxtaposition and … Read More

Overlapping the skin

Solo Exhibition  Wigmore Fine Art, London (United Kingdom) From 23/04/1999 to 28/05/1999 Event Invitation The work of Chema Alvargonzalez presented at the Wigmore Fine Art in London is composed of images that confront the imagination and abstract levels of thought with reality and narration. With its light boxes, puzzle photographs and double exposures, the artist … Read More

Vivo en las nubes

Solo Exhibition Galeria Carles Taché, Barcelona From 05/11/1998 to 01/01/1999 Text by Aida Roger de la Peña Event Invitation “Vivo en las nubes” (“I Live in the Clouds”) reappropriates ideas of journey—both physical as well as mental—, travel and memory, and space-time co-ordinates. The gallery’s entrance door is made to serve as a window to … Read More

La Promenade

Site-senstitive Installation Solo Exhibition Städtische Ausstellungen Am Hawerkamp Halle, Müntser (Germany) From 20/04/1997 to 25/05/1997 Curated by Gail B. Kirkpatrick 1st Prize LUM Künstförderpreis Für Münster The promenade that surrounds the circular wall of the medieval town of Münster is the starting point for my installation in the exhibition hall Am Hawerkamp. Two aspects of the image … Read More

El viaje de las horas

Solo Exhibition Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Granada (Spain) From 27/11/1997 to 11/01/1997 Text by Kitty Scott Significant buildings rarely travel, but people do. Tourism it plays itself out at La Alhambra in Granada is the subject of Chema Alvargonzalez recent project. Tourism more specifically in relation to history, entertainment, the appropriation of cultures, … Read More

A través del Reflejo

Solo Exhibition  Metrònom, Barcelona (Spain) From 7/11/1996 to 5/12/1996 Event organised by Fundación Rafael Tous d’Art Contemporani At the entrance we are confronted by our own image reflected in a mirror, while along the sides two small passages illuminated with blue light take us to other parts of the gallery. A video projection of the video “Canicas” is … Read More